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With the release of the full length album, Golden Armour (2016), Edmonton-based band King of Foxes brings an alternative edge to indie pop. Lush with layered guitar hooks, infectious vocal melodies, and “instant indie-rock cred”, the record boasts a radio-ready aesthetic of alt-rock influences and garage rawness. King of Foxes has drawn comparisons to Veruca Salt, Lush, and Metric, but retains an edgy persona led by seeing-eye guitar hooks and Olivia Street’s elegant, pop-tinged vocals. Golden Armour features nine songs that explore the heart, in its magnitude and its weaknesses: songs about leaving and being left, and anthems for anyone who has loved and lost. The album crosses a lot of different genres—incorporating elements of grunge, alt country, retro pop—and yet has a cohesive sound that comfortably re-configures the genres it draws upon. Most importantly, the release never loses touch with the emotional platform great songs are built on.

king of foxes bio

Lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, Olivia Street, was one of the founding members of Juno-nominated reggae band, Souljah Fyah.  She has found her own voice with King of Foxes, and brings the authenticity of an old soul to a decidedly modern sound. After releasing a 4-song self-titled EP in late 2013, which was met with positive reviews from fans and music bloggers alike, King of Foxes was honoured with a Project 10k20 grant from the Jim Pattison Group, which was used to fund Golden Armour. Produced by Stew Kirkwood of Sound Extractor Studios in Edmonton, Golden Armour appeared on the Canadian independent music charts for 17 weeks since its release.

King of Foxes has recently supported iconic Canadian band Econoline Crush on their Edmonton date at The Needle Vinyl Tavern in July 2016, and have also played alongside Juno-nominees The Darcys. Other notable performances include the Beaumont Blues and Roots Festival (2017), The Works Festival of Art and Design (2017), and the SkirtsaFire HerArts Festival (2017).

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"King of Foxes is an awesome indie-rock band with a lot of great originals and personality. If you like rock and roll, you will love these guys!"
- The Edmonton Muse (July, 2017)

"I fully expect Golden Armour to catch the attention of alternative rock stations across the country. It’s definitely an album Canada can be proud to call their own. If you love indie rock, strong female vocals, and just rocking out to great music, you will love Golden Armour. If you aren’t familiar with King of Foxes I suggest you take a listen, you won’t be sorry."
- Canadian Beats (Feb 14, 2016)

"King of Foxes' Golden Armour shines as brightly as its title suggests. The Edmonton band's debut LP has a tough outer shell that glistens with a delicious combination of slick pop hooks and leader Olivia Street's captivating vocals... If Golden Armour is any indication, the future looks bright for King of Foxes."
- Exclaim (Dec 25, 2015)

"Golden Armour, has no shortage of high-octane anthems that land comfortably in  the garage-rock sphere, accompanied by Street’s infectious, pop-tinged vocals."
- Vue Weekly  (Feb 17, 2016)

"Olivia Street’s predominantly sweet, sometimes spunky vocals are a highlight, with playful garage rock hooks and a pop-driven appeal that would fit right at home on your next fave indie film soundtrack."
- The Permanent Rain Press

"Sometimes you just need a suit of armour to shield you from the latest bad news, Twitter spats, or sports scores of the day. Not a heavy medieval outfit, but a light, almost uplifting suit of Golden Armour, as furnished by Edmonton’s spunky King of Foxes.."
- Edmonton Journal  (Jan 25, 2016)

"A powerful blend of garage rawness and alt rock influences, capped off by a lo-fi production aesthetic... A compelling EP that takes the listener deep into the music, with radio ready tracks that are not afraid to retain their edgy persona. This sterling debut from the band is the way rock is meant to sound."
- Floorshime Zipper Boots (Dec 9, 2013)

"Instant indie-rock cred, led by seeing-eye guitar hooks and Olivia Street’s incredible voice, elegant and soaring but restrained enough to stay within the music instead of catapult over top of it."
- New Music Michael (Dec 12, 2013)